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Bryan layed against Selena’s warm soft belly as he started to read through the book he was givin by Zenith who layed down in front of him and carefully used the tip of his claw to point at the start of the book where the boy could begin to read it. Bryan before the accident already knew how to read for he attended school before and he loved it for learning was one of his favorite hobbies to do even for a child he was good learner with drive inside to achieve anything that came to learning.

“Now my son, this book is a basic on Dragon’s. With you as our son you have alot to learn about us as many others. If you need help reading we are right here for you child.” Zenith said looking at Bryan eye leveled. Bryan smiled and nodded for his eagerness was easily shown as he began to silently read the as the Dragon’s smiled seeing their son so happy and eager.

Bryan slowly read through the book of the first few pages learning more about his parent’s kind. The Book was showing him the basics on Dragon anatomy, their magical ability’s, their sacred codes and oaths of ancient time and their history. Bryan on occasion came across a word he could not understand and asked his parents what the word meant which they gladly spoke the word for him and described what each word he didn’t understand was.

After a some time reading through part of the book Bryan had many questions go through his mind about Dragons and had to start asking for his was so riddled with them for it started to make him dizzy just thinking about them. “Mommy, may I ask you and Daddy some questions?”

“Of Course my dear, you may us ask anything.” Selena purred  lowering her head laying  it down next the boy.

“Im amazed by this book but I remember others I read from school. Is all about Dragons true?” Bryan asked for he read and heard many fairy tail like stories and books about Dragons. Some showing them as Monsters meant to be feared while some were represented as kind hearted creatures. Bryan obvisiouly knew they should be kind hearted for every Dragon he has met so far were very nice to him and they each are his family now.

“Yes Child, We have no shame in admitting, anything you heard about Dragons is true for as you are reading in that book, our kind go back for thousands of years to times when you humans used to live in nothing but caves and could make fires with your hands.” Zenith said with some pride in his voice for he knew that Bryan would ask these questions knowing that he has to learn all about them in all ways good and bad.

“If I may say, I don’t mean any disrespect father, But do you mean that Everything is true? Like how Dragons would take treasure and kidnap princesses?” Bryan asked a bit confused for why would Dragons be any kind of evil if all he have met so far have been nothing but kind.

“My son you have every right to ask and know. There is no disrespect in asking.” Zenith reassured “Yes in the times where you humans called Medieval where our kind were mostly well known. Most Humans saw us as monsters and tried to harm us but many of our kind in those times did not retaliate for we could not hate creatures who feared us for who we were but unfourtunally many others did not see that and decided to disgrace our kind further but doing acts of evil and calling just. Many of these acts are true to what you asked. Some Dragons did kidnap royalty and demand tributes in treasure to assure their home lands and their leaders safety. Some attacked humans plainly believing wiping out humans would assure our kind safe and well but throughout time the humans eventually grew wise and in number and hunted our kind down relentlessly for the ones who didn’t listen to the elders of those times. Many Dragons though were quite revered for acts of deeds of righteousness in certain lands where some Dragons stayed helped local villages and people from acts of nature doing harm on them or say the occasional human who tried to steal or hurt an innocent. For the great deeds done many humans worshiped our kind but unfourtunally because of the ones who kept on disobeying the elders orders and attacked and harmed humans Most of humanity still hunted our kind and outnumbered those who tried to defend us. So in times we fled from beyond any human eyes and fell into legend and myth to them but to this day as you knew my son we are greatly in number still and have learned to find and live in balance and harmony with the world by staying out of human site for we do not wish to lose ourselves because of fearful eyes. But before you ask some humans have seen us but because of our kind having faded into myth and legend we are easily safe and some Dragons still help humans in many places either from shadows where they are not seen and in more of the rarest of places in the world some Dragons are known by humans but kept secret for they know what would happen if Dragons are once again known to the world.” Zenith explained to Bryan sharing his great wisdom to him. Bryan was wide eyed just having his mind feel like it would explode knowing that everything was true and having so much knowledge come from his father, he just leaned back into Selena and nearly fainted. Selena just giggled at the scene.

“I think you over did it my love.” Selena chuckled giving Zenith a playful nuzzle.

“Perhaps I did my beloved.” Zenith chuckled and nuzzled her back while Bryan was still trying to cope with all the new knowledge that was bestowed upon him. Bryan just continued laying back on the Dragon’s belly just breathing softly just amazed by what he was told. After a few minutes he finally sat back up

“Wow, Daddy, I don’t know what to say im amazed.” Bryan said with a soft tone.

“I can tell my son, I can see it in your eyes.” Zenith said giving Bryan a nuzzle on his face causing him to giggle and pet Zeniths muzzle causing him to purr with delight.

“Why don’t we take a break darling. If I remember correctly you wanted to swim in the spring?” Selena said to Bryan which made him smile.

“Yes please! Ill be right back!” He said with excitement jumping up and running out of the room and into the nest to throw on his swimming trunks that he had in his suitcase. While the Dragons were amazed at how fast he got up and ran

“Well isn’t he eager.” Selena just chuckled. Zenith joining in the laughter for their son’s happiness made their hearts soar.

“Yes he is and I know your eager to take that swim with him my dear.” Zenith giving her a playful nudge to her body.
“Well a mother has to do something with her child.” She said with amusement. Soon Bryan returned wearing only his swimming trunks showing his somewhat skinny body but a bit fit for he was always an active child.

To be Continued.......


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