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i need points so i can pay someone to make pics for my story for pics of my characters and scenery from my story would really make it special. anyone who would be willing to give me points to help me pay someone to make pics, know that i will be eternally grateful and any fellow authors who give points know i will help whatever story they are making with ideas Thank You Very Much

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Bryan slept soundly in Selena’s grasp as the morning slowly came with sun moving up into the horizon with its light coming into the cave shining its way to the dragons who slowly woke from their slumber.

Selena and Zenith woke up with Zenith standing and stretching his body out while Selena remained laying down with Bryan still asleep. She looked down to see her child snuggling into her a bit causing her to giggle softly as she used her claw to gently stroke Bryan’s hair.

“He’s so adorable, isn’t he Zenith.” Selena said with a happy expression as Zenith smiled standing next to her nuzzling her head lovingly as she returned the nuzzle to him as well.

“Yes he is my love.” Zenith expressed “What shall we do with him today?” He asked. Selena gave a thought on the question but while they were pondering their thoughts two visitors happened to enter their cave.

The landed with soft thuds gaining the attention of the caves inhabitants with Bryan still asleep. The Two Dragon parents looked to see who arrived and it was none other than Sarama Selena’s sister and their niece Sarama’s Daughter Sarika who happily ran inside as Sarama walked inside with her.

“Why hello Sarama and my dear niece Sarika!” Selena chirped excitly  “I did not expect you two to come especially at this time of day.” Sarama and Sarika reached the nest as Sarika slowly peaked over it to see Bryan asleep in Selena’s claw.

“Hello Aunty Selena Good Morning, Mommy had something in mind for my Daddy had been requested by the council and for you and Uncle Zenith as well” Sarika said rather quickly for she was very excited for to see Bryan and for what they were about to be asked that made her shake from all the excitment. Selena and Zenith looked at each other then to Sarama.

“We’ve been requested?” Zenith asked having Sarama giving him a nod in confirmation.

“Yes the Council has requested your presence about Bryan and wish to confirm what they know then giving one months time they wish to see him as you already know.” Sarama explained to the two. Selena and Zenith knew that the Dragon Council would want to confirm of a human adopted by them but just didn’t expect it so soon.

“Well I guess we should have expected this to come sooner or later.” Zenith said to Selena gaining a nod from her.

“Yes but we cannot take Bryan with us since they don’t wish to see him until months time so what are we going to do?” Selena pondered but that question made Sarika squeal in excitement that caused her to hop up and down by the nest.

“Thats what mommy is going to suggest!” She squealed “Right Mommy?” Sarama smiled leaning down nuzlling her daughter “Of course my dear, now calm down please” Sarika calming down with a blush on her face.

“Yes I was going to suggest that you let Bryan come stay with me for the next two days.” She asked this making Sarika almost start jumping again but she remained as calm as she could. Zenith and Selena looked at each other and smiled knowing that it was exactly what they could do since being requested.

“Of Course I belive that would be the best thing for Bryan to spend time with the both of you while we are away. First lets wake up our little sleepyhead and see what he thinks.” Selena using the claw she had Bryan in setting him down gently shaking him lightly.

“Wake up Bryan. We have Company.” She whispered close to his head. Bryan yawned and stretched out standing up shaking a bit to lose whatever sleep was left in him.

“Good Morning Mother, Good Morning Father.” Bryan said to them. Zenith leaned down to Bryan giving him a gentle smile.

“Good Morning Son, sleep well.” Zenith said giving Bryan a playful nuzzle. Bryan giggled giving Zenith a pet on his head.

“Yes Father I did.” Bryan replied to him.

“Thats well, now how about you wish our guests the same.” Zenith playfully cooed. Bryan was confused but turned to see familier faces. He seen Sarika leaning over the nest giving him a very large toothy grin and could see Sarama standing right next to her.

“Oh! Good Morning Sarika!” Bryan waved to her as well as Sarama with happy expression“Good Morning Aunt Sarama!” Sarama laughed leaning her head to him.

“Good Morning my dear nephew, your mother has something to ask.” Sarama said having Bryan turn to Selena who nodded.

“Yes Child, Your father and I have been requested at the Dragon Council the journey is long so we will be away for two days so how would you feel if you can stay with your Aunt and Cousin till we return?” Selena asked knowing she will get the answer she would want to hear.

Bryan nodded excitly “I would love to mother!” He said with great approval but then got a little sad which drew some concern from Selena “ I wish I could come with you.” He sighed sadly causing Selena to give him a gentle nuzzle

“You will in months time child but rest assured you will be well with your Aunt and Cousin till we return for you.” She replied causing Bryan to slowly smile again. Zenith smiled as well seeing his son gain back some happiness

“Thats my boy.” He cooed resting his on Bryans shoulder giving him a nudge playfully “Well Selena we must be off if we are to reach the Council but the sunset.” Selena knew the journey all to well and nodded.

“Yes your right Zenith. Well my dear we have to go.” She said leaning her head to Bryan to look him in the eye. “Please be a good boy for your Aunt, We will be back before you know it.” Bryan almost leaked some tears but nodded and hugged her muzzle.

“Okay Mommy, I love you and Daddy so much.” He said softly as Selena gave him a kiss on his forehead.

“We both love you too Son.” Zenith cooed to him as he and Selena got out of the nest reaching the end of the cave looking back at Bryan who climbed out of the nest standing by Sarika and Sarama waving them good bye.

“Good Bye Bryan and please take good care of our boy Sister.” Selena asked

“He’s my Family too Selena, Rest assured he will be well. Farewell.” Sarama replied watching both Selena and Zenith stretch their wings and leaped from the cave desending down the mountain then assending to the skies to make their way towards the dwelling of the Dragon Council.

“Well my child shall we take you to our home.” Sarama playfully asked Bryan who sighed watching his Dragon Parents leave but then drew his attention to Sarama.

“Aah....Yes please.” Bryan said while Sarika gave him a playful nudge to his side.
“Yay! Can I carry him home mommy?” Sarika asked causing Sarama to laugh.

“Sarika your still way too young, you would not be able to carry him.” Sarama she told her daughter who awed but understood as Sarama nuzzled her. She gently took hold of Bryan who she placed him on her back as she walked out with Sarika following. Bryan secured a firm grasp on Sarama to get ready for flight as she checked to make sure he was ready as she proceeded to jump from the cliff and took flight with Sarika following heading towards their home within the forest.
A Boy, A Tragedy, A New Mother Chapter 21
Heres the next installment of my Story. I want to thank everyone who has followed me, inspired me and helped me along the way. You all have my eternal gratitude and Im proud to share this all with you and I look forward to making more of it with everyone.
Selena giving Bryan a Bath by jazz316
Selena giving Bryan a Bath
Another Great Picture made from my very good friend :iconpwrof3d: Selena is giving her adopted son a bath and its very awkward for him Lmao!!!
Eddy and Edd AKA Double Dee were walking along the lane of the Cul De Sac enjoying themselves for a few months ago they were hunted down relentlessly by all the kids for their personal injuries of the Eds latest scam. The Eds were on the run from them but throughout their journey to reach a zone of safety that was supposed to be Eddy’s Big Bro’s place all of them including one of Eddy finally learned a lesson that all of them would come to remember for their journey brought everyone together as friends with all the kids of the Cul De Sac who all forgave them after witnessing Eddy’s Big Brother’s true colors and Eddy admitting all of his faults and in tears apologized for everything.

Some months have past since that journey everything was finally as the Ed’s wanted it to be. With Everyone finally as their friends they never had to scam again, and they were no longer the outcasts. Almost Everyday they would visit Kevin who would glady hang with them and give them a set of jaw breakers to chow on to the Ed’s great delight. Ed’s sister finally treated Ed kindly and with respect so Ed no longer had to do her bidding or suffer at her wrath. Everyone except the now true outcast Johnny and Plank all treated the Ed’s as one of them and they all had great times together, hanging out like regular kids and not having to worry about a scam or some disaster that Ed’s would cause to gain either cash or get noticed

Eddy and Double Dee were wondering where their pal Ed could be since he was gone all day as they walked down the lane while coming upon a familiar poster with a Robot Sheriff holding a Branding Stick.

“Hey Sockhead! Check it out” Eddy called pointing towards the poster in his loud voice getting Double Dee to see the poster Eddy was pointing at.

“Well if it isn’t the poster of that R-rated movie we tried to see some time ago.” Double Dee inquired seeing the poster in the very spot where they found it when they tried to cash in some bottles for money. Instead after seeing the poster noticing it was for Adults only they cashed in their newfound coins for ticket money and planned to sneak their way into the show but as the Ed’s misadventures had they ended up in the junkyard letting their imagination run wild as they played out the movie instead.

Eddy laughed “Ha Ha! Yeah remember when we went to the movie but crashed in the junkyard!” smacking he knee for the memories of their past adventures were very amusing now.

“I remember that all to well Eddy.” Double Dee chuckled amusingly “I do recall that time when you tested out my prototype rocket after I kept telling you it was a prototype and you ended up on falling”

Eddy was not amused by that little recollection but he smiled with mischief on how to turn that joke around “Yeah Sockhead, I fell right on top of you!” He pointed laughing. Double Dee pulled an angry look knowing that Eddy was able to turn his joke onto him like he always does but then just laughed along with his best friend.

“Hey Double Dee, Have you seen Ed anywhere?” Eddy asked since Ed is almost never gone without a word on his whearabouts.

“I called his residence this morning, no answer. I even went down to his den of dishovelment that is his bedroom and there was no sign of our dimwitted friend.” Double Dee answer but out of the blue over the fence came the person they were looking.

“Hey Guys!” Ed screamed as he jumped over the fence and landed right on top of eddy with a plot. Ed got off of Eddy who was buried into the ground and slowly pulled himself out leaving a little gram of himself on the ground.

“Ed!” Eddy grunted “Whats with you lumix?” Ed hopped around his two friends laughing flawing his arms in the air as happy as Eddy getting a jawbreaker.

“You will not believe what I got!” Ed yelled but it was more than obvious since flawing his arms around Double Dee noticed that he had something in his hand.

“Dare I say, did you get yet another comic book Ed?” Double Dee playfully asked. Ed looked at him dumbfounded.

“How did you guess Double Dee?” Ed asked scratching his backside. Double Dee chuckled at his friends playful idiocy.

“Its in your hand Ed.” Double Dee pointed out. “What is it this time, another ridiculous monster attack, Extraterrestrial Invaders, or yet one of your favorite animals chickens?” Double Dee asked.

Ed jumped around them yet and gave both Eddy and Edd a big hug “Oh Chickens! Boy I love them to Death, I do!” He happily glee’d as put his friends down. “No ,Look.” Showing the front page of the comic to both of his pals.

Eddy and Double Dee looked and realized that the comic cover was uniquely simular to the Robot Rebel Ranch Poster. After a brief analysis by Double Dee it was the same picture. “Ed is that a comic based upon the Film Robot Rebel Ranch?” Double Dee asked.

Ed jumped with glee yet again “Yes! Yes! Yes! Double Dee it is and I have been reading it already and boy is it so cool.” He played.

Eddy pouted a bit kicking a can aside “Aah still wished we could have seen the movie. Goes to show how sweet it was since they made it into some lumpy reads like all the time.” He pouted

“Here Eddy, read it!” Ed shouted shoving the comic straight into Eddy’s face causing him to grab it in fury giving Ed a very angry look making Double Dee cover his mouth in fright and pity. In Rage Eddy rolled the comic up and bashed Ed in the head with it then tossed it to fence hitting the Poster nailed there.

“Now Eddy there was no call or need for that.” Double Dee corrected as he walked over and picked up the comic but when he picked it up it started to shake causing Double Dee to drop it and slowly back away. The Comic started to flap threw the pages like crazy gaining the attention of Eddy and Ed as well as the comic flipped all the way to front page. Eddy and Double Dee cowered behind as they watched the comic stop its motion as it ceased movement.

They all took a sigh in relief believing nothing really happened for maybe it was just the wind or some other anomaly but they would not believe how wrong they were as the Comic burst open and a bluish looking vortex emerged from the comic and start to suck the Ed’s in.
They all screamed in terror as they both Eddy and Double Dee grabbed Ed holding on his legs and Ed who grabbed the fence holding onto it as the Vortex got stronger by the second pulling them in as multiple items from the Eds started to get sucked out of their cloths into the vortex.

The Worst would come as the last thing that Ed had in him was his stash of  Bottle Gravy that was pulled from his jacket. “No! Not my Gravy!” He screamed in Terror letting go with one hand reaching for it before it got pulled completely away. As he grabbed for it came off and he grabbed it at the last second but that would prove most unwise adding to the grand list of unwise decisions and acts on his account as the hand holding onto the fence came loose since he didn’t have both hands onto it and the force pulled Ed loose sending all three of the Ed’s straight into the vortex screaming as they went in dissapearing into the book as it sealed up leaving trace behind on the events that folded.

They twisted and twirled circling around in the vortex getting extremely dizzy from it all as they were sucked down through the vortex deeper and deeper till they came out of it with the vortex disappearing behind them and fell from a short distance hitting the ground with loud thuds each of them landing on another first Eddy then Double Dee then Ed.

“Uh....Guys get off!” Eddy yelled as Ed and Double Dee got off helping Eddy to his feet. They all looked around and it already felt like something was most defiantly wrong. First they landed in a familer part of the woods but the forest was in ruins, many trees were destroyed and toppled over instead of them standing tall and proud. The Ground that would be full of lush grass was nothing but the color of ash.

Eddy looked around and grew angry getting into Double Dee’s face “Oh way to go Sockhead. Now look what you have done!” Eddy Yelled but Double Dee stood his ground

“Me! Your the one who threw the comic!” He yelled back

“Yeah, but I didn’t pick it up!” Eddy continued but Ed soon got between them and pushed them both away.

“Stop! We are Friends. Friends no fight.” Ed said waving his finger from side to side at both of them.

Eddy and Double Dee calmed down and agreed to that. “Anyway what happened?” Eddy asked even though it was a ridiculous question.

“Im not sure Eddy, I have no idea what the vortex was or where we are or what exactly happened.” Double Dee pondered “In fact another thing im wondering is why does this place look so familer and yet its nothing but a desoulute wasteland?”

Ed wondering off a bit from them came to a cliff side at the edge of the woods and looked in the distance to see something that would answer their questions but the answers they desire would not be the ones they would take lightly.

“Uh....Eddy Double Dee! Look!” Ed called as the two came running and Ed pointed at what he saw. They both looked to see the entire Cul De Sac in ruins. Every Building was demolished, every street was cracked in multiple directions, there was junk everywhere like the junkyard grew over and swallowed the whole place up. This made all the Ed’s go wide eyed at that but nothing compared them to who was coming there way.

While the Ed’s looked on at the ruins of their home a large set of stomping noises and the snapping of trees grew causing the Ed’s to turn to see what emerged from the ruined forest. A Mechanical Figure which was two times taller than Ed stomped in front of them stopping in its tracks. The Figure had two claws for hands, its entire body was nothing but metal, the head of the being had a single eye that was bright red in the center of it. It looked down at the Ed’s who were shaking in fear while the being let out a computerized voice “Organic Life Detected, Primary Programming Destroy.”

Eddy not believing this for it reminded him of their little adventure a long time ago. “Aah..This is not real guys, I mean seriously.” He said with confidence as he slowly walked towards the mechanical being where the eye of it lit up and let out a blast that landed in front of Eddy. The Beam almost hit him but it only landed just in front of him only for him to figure out one thing “Its Real!” He Yelled.

To Be Continued...
Ed Edd Eddy's Robot Rebel Adventure Chapter 1
This Story is another that Im making based on my all time favorite cartoon Ed Edd Eddy with the base on one of my favorite episodes
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Its all fun and games until you wipe out on your Scooter at a stop light. Just riding along but wet roads and small tires don't mix when it sends your bike sliding then it sends you flying off it and crashing onto the asphalt sliding a few feet. Man What a Day.


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