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i need points so i can pay someone to make pics for my story for pics of my characters and scenery from my story would really make it special. anyone who would be willing to give me points to help me pay someone to make pics, know that i will be eternally grateful and any fellow authors who give points know i will help whatever story they are making with ideas Thank You Very Much

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Bryan ran up to Selena and stood at attention with a smile upon his face showing off his eagerness to go swimming. Selena and Zenith just looked at their son so amused by him that they just shook their heads chuckling.

Selena brought her head down to Bryan “Well my dear it looks like your more than ready to go swimming, aren’t you?” Selena playfully asked. Bryan who couldn’t hold it in just bounced with glee.

“Yes, Yes, Yes.....” Bryan practically yelled with excitement just continuing bouncing like frog on a hot rock. Zenith watching his son just bounce like that reminded him of his days of youth and just chuckled loudly for looking at his son’s happiness made him feel proud like the father he is. He got a mischievous idea and gave Selena a nudge bringing her attention to him.

Zenith leaned to her ear and whispered what he had in mind. Selena listened in and grew a grin on her face for what her husband told would be a most amusing trait while Bryan just watched them and scratched his head in confusion for he had no idea what they were talking about.

“What are you talking about?” Bryan asked which brought Zenith’s head down to him. Selena knew what he was about to do and watched him.

“Oh Son, just something on how we can get you in the water.” Zenith said playfully. Bryan just gave a confused look at him as Zenith’s tail slowly crept up behind Bryan. The Boy was about to ask another question as Zenith quickly but gently grabbed Bryan by wrapping him up in his tail which constricted Bryan and gave him a toss that sent Bryan flying through the air and landed with a loud splash in the spring water.

Bryan quickly reached the surface and flung his head around spitting out the water and looked at his Dragon Parents who both roared in laughter at their son. Bryan at first was a little upset but regained his focus and realized how fun it was to be tossed into the water and joined with his parents laughter as they walked towards the spring, sitting on its side.

“Did you enjoy that my son?” Zenith asked laying his head down on the side of the pool. Bryan swam up to the edge where Zenith was.

“Yes Dad I did. Can we do it again?” Bryan asked for the experience very delightful. Zenith chuckled as he nuzzled the boy.

“Another time son.” Zenith said. Bryan was about to pout but understood so he let it go but decided for some mischief of his own as he took his arm and splashed Zenith in his face.

Zenith wiped his muzzle off as Bryan laughed at him. Zenith chuckled for he did have something coming for his quick joke earlier.

“Oh so your dad gave you a joy and you decide to be a little mischievous my dear?!” Selena asked playfully giving an evil look to Bryan which made him stop laughing.

“I was just playing Mommy.” Bryan scared of the look that Selena gave but now it was her turn for some mischievous fun.

Selena entered the water standing next to him. She chuckled seeing her son all scared and lowered her head nuzzling him assuring him he was not in any trouble at all.

“I know my dear. But now its my turn.” Selena played as she grabbed him gently raising him up in the air and dropping him in the water. Bryan surfaced as Selena laughed and Bryan realized she was playing him and splashed water on her face as she then took her claw and splashed him down making him go under from her big wave. He surfaced once more and laughed as they both continued to try and out splash each other which was very easy for Selena.

The Splashing continued on for a few more minutes as Bryan ceased his attack and began swim around the pool using all the swimming techniques from breast stroking to basic rotating arms while kicking his feet.

Selena and Zenith watched their son adoring how cute he looked swimming around for it reminded them of an adventure they took together when they were younger to place by a coast where they bathed in the moonlight and shared great moments becoming the great couple they were meant to be.

Bryan continued to swim around, greatly enjoying himself. Selena got another idea in her mind to give Bryan another fun time. She took her claw and inserted it into the middle of pool and began to twirl it around very quickly making a whirlpool that Bryan easily got sucked into as he went in many circle making him laugh and shout in glee enjoying the ride.

Selena took her claw out as the whirlpool ceased. Bryan went in a few more circles before coming to a stop. He looked at his Mother with a smile on his face.

“That was Awesome Mommy!” Bryan said with great joy. Selena reached her claw to him and stroked his hair.

“Im glad you loved it dear. Watching you swim the way you do and with such joy, your like a mermaid my child.” Selena said to him. Bryan blushed from the comment but wondered why would she say mermaid but had to ask about them.

“Do Mermaids exist?” Bryan asked. Zenith as wise as he is would gladly answer that.

“Yes my son. Mermaids exist, They not only live in the sea but some live freshwater, like lakes for example. There are certain lakes where they dwell. Perhaps your mother could take you to meet them for she knows where they are.” Zenith sharing his knowledge with Bryan who looked at Selena with pleading eyes.

“Can we go see them Mommy?” The Boy asked. Selena brought Bryan out of the water walking out of the pool setting him down on her side.

“Of Course we can child, only not today but I promise ill take you soon.” She said to Bryan thanked for, but soon enough the boy started to shiver being out of the warm water was starting to get him cold.

Selena seeing this took him out of the chambers and into the nest followed by Zenith. She curled around the cold wet boy and slowly breathed on him that quickly dried him off and using very little of fire breath to warm the boy up.

Once Bryan was good and dry he went to his suitcase to change into dry cloths as Zenith and Selena looked away to give him some privacy. The Boy put on a fresh set of cloths setting his swimming trunks on the side to dry off as he then went back to Selena and layed on her side.

“Thank you for letting me swim, it was so much fun.” Bryan said to them laying against Selena’s warm belly.

“Your most welcome my child. We both love to see you happy. We will continue your studies every day and know we will help you with them.” Selena said to the boy who started to get sleepy. Selena looked outside and seen that with all the fun they had that the day went by and the sun already had faded away and the night came.

Bryan started to snuggle against her as she brought her claw over him giving him more warmth. Bryan was so tired from all fun her had that day that he fell asleep within her. Selena giggled and gave Bryan a warm kiss on his forehead.

“Good Night my love” She whispered to Bryan as Zenith snuggled into her backside and wrapped his wing over her.

“Good Night to you my every lasting beauty.” Zenith cooed to her as touch her forehead with his gazing into moonlight eyes.

“Good Night to you as my ever strong Zenith.” Selena said as they gave each other a passionate kiss and layed their heads down next to Bryan and slept to the next morning which would be another grand day for the Boy.

To Be Continued...................
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Selena and Bryan Swimming Together. by jazz316
Selena and Bryan Swimming Together.
Another Amazing Pic of my Two Characters. Mother and Child Swimming together. :iconpwrof3d: I want to thank him so very much for these amazing pics and for being such a great friend to me as well.
Selena and Bryan Eating Together. by jazz316
Selena and Bryan Eating Together.
Another Wonderful Scene from my Wonderful Friend :iconpwrof3d: I want to thank him so very much for making these pics for me and If anyone ever wants some work done please go to him.
Selena and Bryan Sleeping Together by jazz316
Selena and Bryan Sleeping Together
This wonderful work of art was made for me by my dear friend :iconpwrof3d: I want to thank him so very much for making this for me. If anyone ever needs any work of art made please go to him for he is the best there is on here and Again I thank him for his wonderful work of my characters.


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