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If more than 3 Chapters for a certain Story prices may vary on how many Chapters there is.

That's everything. I wish to thank all of my dearest watchers, followers and friends for inspiring me to become who I am today and I gladly await anyone who wish's to have a story made.

If you wish to have story made please tell me on this journel when I confirm please send me a note on what your Story would like to be then we will discuss if it meets my rules and go from there

1- :iconmrwyatt53:

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i need points so i can pay someone to make pics for my story for pics of my characters and scenery from my story would really make it special. anyone who would be willing to give me points to help me pay someone to make pics, know that i will be eternally grateful and any fellow authors who give points know i will help whatever story they are making with ideas Thank You Very Much

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             The Ed’s started their next day preparing for the inevitable. After they not only discovered where the Robot’s were all coming from but also watched their long time nemesis’s the Kankers get vaporized within the Robots Factory they knew now more than ever they have to find a way to get out of the dimension of death.

              Eddy was keeping an eye out through the periscope this time with no complaints. When Eddy saved his friends from the same fate as the Kankers he understood that he must do what he can along with Double and Ed to work with each other to at least survive their exile.

           Double Dee sat on the water bed next to Eddy filling out an empty book he found within the junkyard sometime after they made it back the other day. Double Dee figured that it would be best to somehow record and document their encounters and while where they are is deafly defining horrifying and their lives are at constant risk, Double Dee wanted to write down everything for perhaps one day he can somehow figure out a scientific explanation for it as well as keep record of the adventure he is sharing with his best friends.

           While both Eddy kept watch and Double Dee just about finished writing everything in his new journal so far they was a loud bang that shook the van making both the Ed’s scream and jump.

           “Robots! We are under siege!” Double Dee yelled quickly grabbing his rifle along with Eddy grabbing his pistol. They quickly burst through the door of the van pointing their weapons out to defend their central command but there was no robot in site.

          “Hi Guys.” Ed said who was standing right next to his friends waving at them. Double Dee and Eddy lowered their weapons sighing in relief it was a false alarm

          “Ed do you happen to know where that explosion came from?” Double Dee asked politely as Eddy sat on the edge of the van crossing his arms and legs with an annoyed face. Before Ed could answer Double Dee smelled smoke and turned to where it was coming from but he did not like what came in site for the smoke came from his work station.

          Apparently the work station was destroyed in a laser blast as a blast mark covered where the work table was and all of Double Dee’s tools laid waste all in pieces beyond any sort of repair. Double Dee quickly ran over to it hoping that he was only imagining something but he shook his head in realization that it was all real.

          “My Work Station! Demolished! Dismembered! Disintegrated!” Double Dee cried falling on his knees yelling out sadly infuriated at the destruction of his tools and everything he was currently designing.

          “Sorry Double Dee” Ed said sadly rubbing the back of his neck lowering his head in shame for Ed accidently fired his rifle when was playing with his chickens and the shot hit the table destroying it and everything with it utterly.

          Double Dee was not one to be infuriated easily but Ed’s accident may have cost them a lot for without his tools he couldn’t even begin to build anything let alone another work station. Double Dee tried to regain his composure trying to calm down as he was twisting his hat in frustration.

          “Way to go lumpy.” Eddy rudely told Ed as he flopped on the ground sitting in more shame for his actions. Double Dee after a few minutes finally calmed down standing up and walked over to Ed giving him a reassuring smile.

          “I know accidents happen Ed, don’t worry my friend.” Double Dee assured the large now happy Ed as he embraced Double Dee so glad he was not angry with him. Double Dee choked from the lack of air managed to smile glad to see Ed happy again but still they still had an urgent matter at hand.

          “Okay Ed put me down please.” Double Dee asked politely as Ed obeyed setting him down. “Now then, we have to find new tools for me to use gentlemen.”

          “Why don’t you just build some?” Eddy said with smart tone which Double Dee gave him a not so impressed look.

          “I can’t simply just make tools Eddy, not from the random parts around this land of wasted material.” Double Dee answered as he put a finger to his chin thinking of where they could find tools that are still possibly intact and ready for use.

          Eddy and Ed figured what Double Dee was thinking and joined in as Ed paced and Eddy layed back with his hands behind his head all pondering to where tools could be. Ed thought of something and smiled jumping up to Double Dee.

          “Let’s go to my house, my dad has a shovel.” He suggested with a grin. Double Dee backed up to get some space from Ed but smiled at him.

        “Well Ed may have a point; perhaps one of our homes has what we need.” Double Dee agreed as Eddy nodded as he crawled back into the van and took another look inside the periscope and turned it towards the Cul-De-Sac.

          What Eddy saw down there was not good at all. “Uh...guys I don’t think going to Ed’s or any of our places is a good idea.” Eddy with worry in voice said.

          “How come Eddy?” Double Dee asked crawling inside and Eddy moved away from the periscope to let Double Dee take a look through. Double Dee quickly figured out why Eddy was worried for he looked over their homes and the whole blocked was covered with patrolling robots. There were dozens of them walking and rolling up and down the street while some went into the house searching for any organics.

          “Why this greatly complicities things.” Double Dee with the same worry as Eddy turned the periscope hoping perhaps he could find another place to find what they needed without risking running into many robots. As luck would have it he found just the place.

         Double Dee spotted many of the convience stores all lined up and down a block that was a good distance away from the Cul-De-Sac and there were no robots in site at all. Double Dee smiled as he now had a plan.

         “Gentlemen I found out where we can go for to get the tools I need to replace my destroyed ones.” Double Dee happily announced.

         “Where Double Dee?” Ed asked bouncing happy for his friend outside the van.

         “We are going to the stores and I’m certain we can salvage what we need to find.” Double Dee answered his friend. Eddy crawled out of the van and quickly through on his armor and put his pistol in his holster and grabbed mini laser.

         “Sounds good to me.  Let’s go boys!” Eddy said with enthusiasm ready to head out as Ed quickly followed suite throwing on his armor and picked up his large laser as well. Double Dee couldn’t help but chuckle for once they both were ready and willing to go out and do what they all have to do. Double Dee put on his armor, threw backpack on his back and grabbed his weapon and the Ed’s left their central command and headed for the convience stores.

         The Ed’s quickly and quietly walked together to the convience stores making sure they didn’t make too much noise that would attract any attention. They kept their guard up looking in all directions making sure this time they would not be snuck up upon by the robots again. They traveled through the neighboring woods as they snuck through the destroyed and tumbled forest emerging on the other side meeting the road out and took a left turn to see many of the stores all lined up in row awaiting them all.

         “Well that was easy.” Eddy smiled walking towards the buildings with his friends quickly following him. They past a few buildings that were different departments but not the ones they were looking for until they came across the building they were looking for as it was a hardware store.

         “Well my friends, allow me to venture inside and gather what we need and do keep watch thank you.” Double Dee said going inside the messed up department and looked over to the wreaked shelves and toppled items. Despite the damage inside Double Dee managed to find all the tools he needed from hammers, saws, mini blow torches and other useful items. He put each one in his backpack and walked back outside to his friends who kept watch down both ends of the street.

         “I have what I need let’s return home.” Double Dee said as was about to walk back to where they came from before realizing his friends were not following him at all. He looked back behind to see Eddy and Ed looking inside the building that was next to the hardware store with eyes wide and drool coming out of their mouths. Double Dee walked towards them with a confused look.

        “What’s wrong and why are you…” Double Dee was quickly cut off when he reached Ed and Eddy as Ed grabbed Double Dee’s head turning it to where they were looking and now Double Dee’s question was answered. They were all staring into the Candy Store and what loomed inside is what made both Eddy and Ed drool like a waterfall. There was a large box filled with fresh white jawbreakers that almost shined.

        “Jawbreakers!” Eddy and Ed screamed in anticipation as they quickly ran to the door desiring to get their mouths filled with the candied orbs that laid waiting for them. While Ed and Eddy were trying to bust down the door, Double Dee held back his urge to follow his friends for the sweet delights inside and wondered why could there be fresh jawbreakers sitting clean in a box in a wasted building. He looked above the box inside and noticed there was something flashed red above. Before he could guess what it was his friends busted down the door and ran inside.

         “Ed Eddy, Wait! Something’s not right here!” Double Dee hurried inside after them catching up to them at the box just as Eddy picked up a jawbreaker  a buzzer went off coming from above them making Eddy drop the jawbreaker as they looked to see a large bar cage fall around them sealing them inside.

         “Holy Mackerel!” Ed yelled in fright running around the cage pulling on the bars as they were made of strong metal and they wouldn’t budge.

         “Ca...Calm down Ed!” Double Dee tried to cease his friends fright as well Eddy who shook madly scared out of his wits as they were all trapped in the cage for the ordeal was a trap by the robots to lure them in and capture them.

         “This is not good at all guys!” Eddy said panicking sitting next to box of jawbreakers biting on his fingernails but the matter only got worse as a beeping noise came from a device on the cage that was on the door to it as the beeping was sending a signal out to the robots that loomed around the Cul-De-Sac making some leave it and head towards to candy store to retrieve the captured Ed’s

         Double Dee quickly pulled out a hammer and smashed the device realizing what that beeping was doing but it was already too late for the robots were now on their way to them.

        “What do we do Sockhead?!” Eddy panicked holding on Double Dee shaking him madly.

        “W….Well. I can try to burn the rest of this device off which could open this door but it’s going to take time and I’m afraid time is not on our side Eddy.” Double Dee replied quickly grabbing his blow torch from his backpack and ignited it starting to work on the door but things got worse as the sounds of the marching robots were coming further as Ed started to run around the cage panicking.

        “We are goners!” Ed screamed as he ran quickly not watching where his going as Eddy accidently got in his way and Ed slammed right into him. Eddy braced for impact as Ed knocked him hard sending him flying back but by a miracle and luck of Eddy’s small stature he squeezed between the bars of the cage and fell right out of it gaining the astonishing attention of himself and his friends.

        “Eddy, you’re through the cage!” Double Dee very surprised by such luck.

        “Holy Cow! Your right!” Eddy laughed as he stood up proudly but his proud stance quickly died down as the ground shook from the approaching robots.

        “Eddy I need time to open this you need to distract those robots.” Double Dee said quickly getting back to work on the door as sparks flew from the device on the door as he slowly was disintegrating but not all the way yet as Double Dee needed to burn it off completely for the door to open.

         Eddy looked at his trapped friends and outside to see a group of robots coming up the streets towards the candy store. Eddy looked back and forth at them and his friends realizing that the robots would maybe reach them before Double Dee could finish.

        Eddy realized that once again he must take action or he and his friends are doomed. He drew out his pistol since his mini laser was stuck in the cage and rushed outside to meet the robots head on and cease their march on the candy store.

        Eddy took cover behind a mailbox and opened fire on the walking robots. He managed to nail one on the head shutting it down as the others began to fire back on their attacker as laser fire was exchanged between Eddy and the robots.

        While Eddy managed to keep the robots at bay Double Dee was nearly finished breaking through but still needed time but he couldn’t keep up the slow steady pace he could see laser blasts zoom past the windows showing that Eddy was engaged in combat with them. Double Dee tried to work faster not wanting leave Eddy out there forever knowing he wasn’t going to keep the robots at bay for long.

        It was then that Ed came up behind Double Dee seeing that he was almost through and remembering a scene from a movie he took a few steps back and ran towards the door screaming with motivation as he rammed Double Dee from behind and busted through cage sending the door flying open finally free from the prison.

        Double Dee groaned in pain from Ed’s jailbreak having the bars of the cage knock him in the head when Ed slammed him in but he quickly stood up taking in that they were free.

        “We need to help space outlaw Eddy, Double Dee!” Ed yelled putting on determined look gathering his weapon tossing Double Dee his and grabbed the mini laser and ran outside to give Eddy the backup he needed for he now was in cover around the corner of the hardware store since the mail box was blasted to pieces sending many letters flying about some in flames.

        Ed charged the robots opening fire with both his laser and the mini laser having enough strength to hold them both up with one hand firing upon them causing one robot after another be volleyed with shot after shot destroying them one after another but they still kept coming since more of them showed up from the Cul-De-Sac

        “Let’s get the stash and get out of here!” Eddy called running back into the candy store and came back out with box of jawbreakers in hand.

        “Eddy forget the jawbreakers and run for it!” Double Dee yelled back but Eddy didn’t listen as he took off running with Double Dee following as Ed continued to fire on the robots running right behind his friends down between the buildings as the Robots tried to squeeze through to go after them but their massive figures prevented them from doing so as the Ed’s managed to escape from their sight just as the Robots powered through the buildings sending them tumbling over destroying the hardware store and the candy store utterly

        The Ed’s ran fast as they took the occasion to disappear from the robots as they were distracted running back through the nearby woods as Ed kept the weapons up high as Eddy led the group with the box of jawbreakers in hand running back to the junkyard.

        They arrived back to their central command hopping the wall and ran towards the van throwing their backs against it and collapsed onto each other all of the exhausted from their ordeal.

        Double Dee was the first to say something for he was angry with his two friends for their self served desire for the jawbreakers nearly got them killed.

       “I’m speechless you two!” He scowled pointing his finger at them. “How could you both be so…so arrogant and naïve. We nearly suffered the same fate as the poor Kankers cause of your antics”

       “So what?” Eddy smiled it was so worth it over these sweet jawbreakers.” Eddy smiled as he inserted one into his mouth and eagerly sucked down on it tasting the sweet flavor of it as Ed quickly did the same. Double Dee was not impressed on how they didn’t take the situation serious at all for they didn’t learn a thing from it.

       “Ed give Double Dee his cut.” Eddy said handing Ed a Jawbreaker for Double Dee to have.

       “I refuse to have such a thing that nearly got us all killed Eddy!” Double Dee huffed looking away angry but Ed quickly changed that when he slammed his foot down upon the unexpecting hat wearing boy’s foot making him gasped in pain giving Ed the chance to shove the jawbreaker in his mouth.

       Double Dee’s legs wobbled and buckled as the sweet flavor of the candied orb quickly worked its way down to him making him almost forget he said and smiled in pleasure from the loving taste of the candy.

       “How can something be so reckless, be so worth it?” Double Dee sighed sitting down with his friends

       “When someone ain't afraid to get it, that’s why.” Eddy said as he and friends sat together moaning enjoying their well deserved jawbreakers for they had another victorious day for not only did they get the tools they needed but now they got to enjoy their favorite candy along with it and even though it was a trap the Ed’s could more than agree it was all worth it.
To Be Continued…
Ed Edd Eddy's Robot Rebel Adventure Chapter 9
Hello my friends, Fellow Watchers and all DA members, allow me to introduce the next chapter made by me and my fellow co writer and best friend :iconsyfynut: I want to thank her so much for helping with this and for being the greatest friend I have every asked for.
    The Ancient Past

      Nearly one thousand years ago, a family of four royal humans was out on their own hunting within the lands of their kingdom on family hunting expedition. During their hunt they encountered a mysterious creature within the woods. The Creature was unlike anything the royals never seen before as it was covered in scales silver like the moon on a clear night, wings like a bat and large in mass and scale. The Creature they had encountered was a Dragon.

             The Dragon was however injured as it badly hurt its wing from being the closed branches of the many trees. It was suddenly surrounded by bandits were preyed upon it hoping to kill it and gain whatever spoils they could muster from it. The Dragon was too weak from its injury to fight and layed helplessly while the bandits moved upon it with their weapons pointing down upon it ready to slash and kill the dragon.

             The Royal Family hidden close by watched as the creature was about to be slaughtered when it couldn’t even stand and fight. Even though they knew nothing of the creature and didn’t have their guard with them since they came out on their own to hunt themselves, they knew they had to do something against the bandits. They quickly drew out their weapons and charged at the unexpecting bandits that were about to run the dragon through.

             The Family unleashed their battle cries as they took the bandits completely by surprise as one unleashed a quick volley of arrows from her hunting bow nailing a few of the bandits who were not dressed in any type of armor leaving them vulnerable to any attack taking them out instantly with precise hits as the other family members hacked and slashed with their swords clashing with bandits as after a few of their comrades were taken down they quickly turned their attention to their attackers and fought back.

             Despite being outnumbered by a near three to one odd the Royal Family didn’t back down as the kept their defensive attack against the bandits protecting the helpless dragon who watched her apparent defenders with great admiralty seeing these strangers stand up for someone they don’t know as well as creature they have never heard of. The Family pressed their attack against the bandits spilling their greedy bodies across the ground fighting valiantly using their training in the years of royal noble fighting against the untrained and undisciplined rag tag of so called thieves and murderers.

             Soon enough the Family laid waste to the entire gang of bandits their lifeless bodies laying around the former battlefield. The Family quickly looked over each other making sure none were too badly hurt and then quickly checked on the dragon to make sure it was okay.

            The Dragon praised her saviors for their nobility, courage and will to protect an innocent even though she is a creature from a realm beyond their own. The Family told her that they were glad to help and as a family they all made a personal vow to do everything in their power to protect all from those who do evil. They noble oath was not only heard by the dragon they saved but others who arrived as well. Three more dragons shown up each a different color blue, yellow and green by flying in from above to save their friend but before they arrived they had seen as well at what the family showing their appreciation for their noble deed for their brethren did.

            Sensing the truth within them along with honor, true courage and a sheer will to protect all the dragons who were the guardians of their time bestowed upon the family a very special gift to show for their new friendship with them and to help succeed in their quest to protect the innocent. The Guardians bestowed upon them the powers of the dragons. Each of the Royals received a mark on their arm with a dragon each with a different color.

          The Humans could feel the power surge through them. They became more then human, they became part dragon, stronger, faster, toughness and reflexes. Along with that came the power. Each of them suddenly cast different away of power of fire, electricity, ice, and earth. Each one held the very essence of the elements just like the guardians.

          The Family was truly honored and privileged to receive such a gift and praised their newfound friends and vowed to use their newfound abilities for the greater good. They decided to keep their abilities and friendship a secret as if it was discovered before the time was right things would turn out for the worst.

          The Dragons explained why they were present within the realm of humans and bestowed their knowledge of all dragon kind with family. The Royals basked in the wisdom of their new friends and were more than happy to assist them further. The Dragons were there to grow their life-force crystals to assist them in helping expand into a new realm for one of their brethren.

          Together the Dragons and Royal Family known as the Anderson’s set out on a life changing adventure. The Guardians went back to their realm while leaving their leaders in the new realm to grow their population as well as assist their new friends.

          Over time the Andersons trained under the dragons learning in secret from the rest of humanity the power and abilities of the dragons. In time they mastered each of their element power but they figured power alone won’t help them succeed in their quest. They left their kingdom with their trusted advisors and set with the assistance of dragons to travel the world and learn from the many cultures the ways of warriors and much more.

          The Years went on as the Andersons visited many of the known cultures and empires of the world in their time. With the Dragons assistance flying to these various locations that would have taken much time to reach if the humans traveled as they did the Andersons learned under each culture from relentless war mongering barbarians, to the grace and elegant of the Samurai which were the Andersons gained from the emperor of the time for saving him and his country from a deadly horde that would have laid waste to him and his beloved homeland. The Emperor decreed upon them a title of the most grand for they fought hard and fierce like dragons but also maintained honor, nobility and care to the protection of others like Samurai. Since then Royal Andersons were known in secret only to the Dragons and to a few other humans that were considered great friends and allies from that day forth they were known by them as “The Dragon Samurai”

         The Andersons returned to their kingdom and maintained their secret while keeping the peace in various regions and assisting those with their abilities along with their dragon brethren. They kept their heroics in secret coming to those in need and disappearing without a trace. For years on they kept their sacred oath to themselves and their beloved dragon friends but such noble times and heroics were not to last.

         Unfourtunally a Tragedy within the Kingdom of the Andersons was unleashed and the Dragon Samurai perished within and all the records of their existence were destroyed. Any knowledge that was known about them were taken to the graves by the ones they called friends in the world.

         The Only ones who remembered them were the dragons. They always remembered the kindness, nobility and the friendship they had with them all the way through time as the dragons disappeared into legend and myth.
         Over time in the realm of dragons a dark time came upon them as the Dark Master reigned in a terror of destruction across it. It was then two prophecies were foretold.  One was a Special Dragon that would change the world and the other told that a boy from the realm of old would became the New Dragon Samurai and assist the purple dragon to restore the friendship between dragon and man and together defeat the darkness.
So the Legend now begins…
TLOS and The Dragon Samurai New Beginning Prologue
    Well Ladies and Gentlemen. Heres a Story based on my all time favorite game. This game and the ones that came after changed my life 10 years ago. I fell in dire love with it and the series. Since then I have been making a story in my mind and throughout the time I put myself through an adventure putting it all together. I never really got to putting it in words till now and I have so many people to thank for inspiring me into making it finally. This story is the reason I truly got into writing and now I believe its finally time to make it and share it.

Heres the people I want to thank for inspiring me to make it. They have similar stories that they are working so very hard on and their stories are incredible to read and I greatly recommend to go read theirs

:iconshalonesk: was the first one I came across so i want to thank her for the inspiration

:iconseeraphine: i came across next and i followed her story since her first page and its one story that's incredible with its characters that gave me inspiration to make my own. So a big thank you to her.

:icondragoncid: i followed her characters since I first found her and fell in love with the Sequel story she made to the series which gave me ideas on how to make a series beyond So thank you so very much

:iconweirdhyenas: I love her unique stories that revolve around the past, inbetween, the future of everything. Thank you so much for inspiring me to it.

:iconfourth-star: She is the reason i came to this site all those years ago. Her characters and stories were something to behold and was the first to get me thinking to making my story. Thank you so much

They are all very great artists and storywriters and i want to say thank you so much to each and everyone of them

But if there is someone i truly want to thank the most, for being there for me, being the best friend i have longed for in so many years, for helping me achieve and drive on to be the best and for working with me on so many great stories and projects. Its this girl :iconsyfynut: I truly am blessed to have her in my life and i don't know where i would be without her so im dedicating this story to her and all i can say is "Thank you for being the best friend a man could ever ask for"

So I hope you all enjoy this Prologue and know there is more to come along with all the other stories im making, especially with my best friend :iconsyfynut:
Jungle Ariel Commission by Starfiregal92 by jazz316
Jungle Ariel Commission by Starfiregal92
Hello everyone allow me to show you the commission done by my friend :iconstarfiregal92:

This represents Ariel in me and my best friend :iconsyfynut: story. We want to tell her thank you for making this for us and for being a fan of our story.

Please go check out :iconstarfiregal92: page and see her works for she has a lot of good art to see.

Also please check out me and :iconsyfynut: current chapters here as well…
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Hello everyone, One of my friends here :iconsucuriju: has made a blog representing something she loves and adores with great passion. She worked very hard on the blog and she wrote about it for what she was and will forever be a fan of and inspired her to write and make a liking to everything that makes her who she is. So if anyone is interested to go read her blog here it is.…

Also please feel free to go her page and check out many of her fascinating stories based on everything she loves. Thank you all for everything and Have a most pleasant day.
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