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That's everything. I wish to thank all of my dearest watchers, followers and friends for inspiring me to become who I am today and I gladly await anyone who wish's to have a story made.

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A Ringing could be heard within the car as the early morning was still in darkness around the rest stop. William moaned with his eyes still shut tried to find the source of the sound reaching over the seat to find his cell phone making the noise. He pressed the button turning off the alarm that he set prier before he went to sleep for he wanted to still be in darkness by the time they would get back on the road to prevent anyone from seeing anything suspicious.

       William yawned smacking his lips stretching out his muscles shaking the sleep out of himself. He looked back to see the dragon was still snuggled under the blankets sound asleep. He smiled as he gently gave her a gentle pet to make sure he didn’t wake her up.

      “Well Ksaqa its time for us to get back on the road.” William whispered as he double checked to make sure he had everything secured. Once that was done he looked outside to see some people still in their cars sleeping and the occasional person came out of the restroom area.

       “Better leave now while the goings good.” William said to himself as he turned on his car and lights after. He slowly backed out and drove out of the rest stop and headed onto the highway to continue his journey to the forest region where he can put his dragon somewhere safe.

       The Highway at the early times in the morning had many but not as many vehicles traveling down it which was all well in good for William as with the darkness everyone who was traveling had to be focused on the road than anything else.

       William kept his eyes out looking for signs as they traveled for a good hour searching for the right exit to get off on that would be starting point to get to where they had to go. William tired of the near silence from all the driving turned on the radio.

       William hummed along the jazzy tune that was playing on the station he had on while continuing his drive. Ksaqa hearing the soft jazz play within the car slowly woke herself. She calmly raised her head but not high enough for William to take notice or risk the blanket falling off. She looked to see the young man shaking his head to the rhythm of the music which made her smile seeing him so bright and cheerful this morning and not feeling sad about what their trip was meant for.

        William continued to travel down the highway and noticed that the sun was starting to come up. He slowly started to worry for if the sun came up completely before they reached their destination then. Ksaqa will be at risk more than she already is. He sighed in relief as he finally came upon the exit he needed to take.

        He slowly drove out through the exit ramp and headed down a smaller road that was leading to a large forested area with a mountain here and there. Williams slowly worked a smile for seeing the forest meant they were coming close and perhaps they might make it before the sun would come up.

        He drove on through a small town seeing as its occupants were arising from their slumber and were about their daily activities and duties as stores opened, some were off to work and others going about their duties as well.

        William looked at how the town looked so much different than where he came from. This town did not have as many people his town had nor were people in a rush to get places causing heavy traffic and the occasional yell out. The People looked very friend as he drove through seeing many greet each other with warm smiles and the occasional wave at William as he drove past.

        “Well at least the locals are not as creepy as I see in movies.” William laughed to himself as he came out from the town limits. . Ksaqa still kept her head low enough but she heard the young man’s joke and shook her head with a toothy grin.

        William took a quick look to the sun was nearly a quarter the way up as light was already coming onto the land around him. William didn’t truly mind that now since he made through the highway and local town and seeing how rarely passed any other car he knew that everything was relatively safer now.

        He was starting to come upon a dirt road to his left and seen a sign saying ‘Campground and Hiking Trail” William looked at his notes and map to see that was the exact destination he was looking for. He slowed down his car and turned into the dirt path that led into the woods leaving the main road behind.

        He traveled through the road occasionally hitting a large bump that made him and everything inside bounce a bit as William hit the ceiling not to hard but it made him a pout a bit.

        “They always make these trails seem nice and clear to drive on.” William groaned “Guess I better stop believing all those woodland shows”

        Slowly William came upon a small campground. He noticed there was a building made of logs. He looked to see it was not occupied and to his luck there weren’t any cars around showing that he was alone there for the moment as he came to a stop in front of a fence that overlooked a small hill by a nearby sign that described where to go for hiking and the places for ideal camping.

       William looked on down to see a small lake below and surrounding the whole place was nothing but a thick forest. The Sun rose into the sky and the light reflected off the water below setting in a most wondrous sit of the forests as the birds chirped happily and many other forest dwellers let out their happy calls.

       “We’re here!” William cheered as laid back for a moment so relieved after everything that happened and despite the near miss with the mugger back at the gas station they finally made it to the woods.

        When William cheered Ksaqa raised her head out of the blankets and settled on Williams shoulder and gave him a quick lick on his cheek.

        William giggled “Morning Ksaqa.” He gave the dragon a gentle pet and the dragon returned it with a nuzzle making him giggle like a little girl.

“Ha ha, thanks you. I hope you slept well, because we’re finally.” William smiled as he looked out the window to once more take in the wondrous site of the forest.

As much as William just wanted to sit in the car and relax awhile he knew they better get started while there still was no one around to see them.

“Well Ksaqa, I think it’s time we get this show on the road, so to speak.” William reckoned as he got out of the car and did another stretch. He opened up the back door and let the dragon get out as she stretched her body out with her wings. William took in the glorious site of the magnificent dragon for this was the very first time she was outside and seeing how the sunlight gleamed off her scales was so marvelous that William had to shake himself to get out of the trance.

He started unload all the camping supplies from the car as the Dragon sat on her haunches and watched him. William got his rucksack out and started to put in everything he could fit inside it from all the food he had in the cooler in the trunk to the sleeping bags and blankets he brought. Once he was done he started to attach other camping materials on the side of it. He lifted up the rucksack to see it was heavier than he anticipated.

“Oh man.” He groaned “There’s no way I’ll be able to carry this.”

Seeing her human friend in a bit of distress Ksaqa walked up next to him and gave him a nudge to get his attention.

“What is it, girl?” He asked

The Dragon purred looked down at the rucksack and back at him a few times trying to tell him something that William quickly figured out.

“You want to carry this?” He asked. The Dragon smiled and nodded.

“I’m not sure…” William said with concern. “Are you certain you can carry it I don’t you to hurt yourself?”

Ksaqa gave him a reassuring look and gently nuzzled him telling him she will be alright with it.

William sighed as he knew he wouldn’t be able to carry it so reluctantly he lifted it up grunting pulling up on the heavy load within the rucksack and settled it Ksaqa’s back. He grabbed some straps from one side of the heavy bag and tied it onto dragon so it would not fall off.

Ksaqa didn’t even flinch when he put the rucksack on her nor when he tied it to her. She hardly felt anything as her mighty strength of a dragon made the rucksack feel light as a feather to her.

William took a moment to catch his breath as he shook his head at the dragon. “I don’t know where you get it from, but your making me look bad.” He joked out of breath. As the Dragon gave him a toothy playful smile as William laughed.

Once he caught his breath got out the last thing he needed for the hike and it was the tent that came with a large bag that he already fitted inside it. He put the bag straps over his shoulder and lifted it up and thankfully it was not as heavy as the rucksack.

William double checked to make sure he had everything he and Ksaqa needed. Once he was finished and locked his car up he looked to see a trail that led down to the lake below figuring there’s no better place to start.

“Well Ksaqa, Let’s get started.” William proclaimed as he started down the dirt trail with the dragon following him close behind.

William and the Dragon walked close together as they hiked through the trail taking in the forest sites. The Trees stood tall and proud as they gently waved in the soft breeze. The Occasional squirrel ran along the path pass the two along with a rabbit as William smiled seeing the glorious splendors of nature.

They continued on till they finally came to an opening on the trail where it lead them out into the view of the small lake. William could see some fish swim close to the shoreline and snapped his fingers realizing he could have bought a fishing pole and could catch fish for a dinner but perhaps he could make one out of sticks and string. William knew he could do that later for the first thing he had to do was to hike somewhere where he and Ksaqa could be out of any viewing eyes for some time till he can find a place where the Dragon can remain safe.

He took a moment to at least take a few pictures of the lake and even a selfie. He looked at the Dragon wanting to get a picture of him and her but something told him he shouldn’t but he decided against since he would never show it to anyone so stood by the Dragon bringing his arm under her head and took a picture of both him and Ksaqa.

“That one is just for you and me to see, Ksaqa” William smiled giving her a pet on the muzzle earning him a purr from her.

They continued their hike as they walked along the shoreline of the lake until they came upon another trail and proceeded to walk into that one next. The Two hopped over the occasional toppled log and walked along rocks when the path got rough.

Soon William had to sit down and take a break as he set the tent bag down and took a seat on it. Ksaqa sat down beside even though she was not as exhausted as he was and curled around him to let him lay back on her.

“Thank you.” He croaked as he was out of breath from the hike. He reached up to the strapped in rucksack and pulled out his water bottle and took a few sips but then it hit him. He nor has Ksaqa eaten breakfast yet.

“Are you hungry?” He asked looking at the dragon who nodded but then she stood up suddenly making him fall back.

“What!” William asked “What’s wrong?” William stood up to hear rustling from close by and hoped it wasn’t anything dangerous. The Dragon looked to see walk in view was a small group of wondering white tailed deer. William sighed in relief that it wasn’t a predator.

One by one the deer walked to the other side of the trail as the Dragon looked at them with hungry eyes. William looked at the deer and took a quick picture but then looked Ksaqa seeing her eyes shrink into slits and it made William nervous

“Uh… Ksaqa. Are you okay?” He reached up to touch but the Dragon dashed off and charged straight at the deer. William gasped at her speed but the shock didn’t end as the Dragon leaped into the air and pinned the last deer that was crossing down and bit into his below killing it instantly as the rest of the deer took off in a hurry to get away from the predator.

“Oh…my…god!” William was shocked at what he just seen. Ksaqa just attacked and killed a deer and now she was eating it. Lucky for him her back was turned so he did not have to witness the feast as he could hear bones being crunched up as the dragon ate her kill quickly.

Eventually the Dragon completed her meal as all that was left was fur and a few crunched up bones and deer parts. Ksaqa turned around as some blood dripped from her mouth as she came up to William who maintained his shocked and amazed face.

The Dragon gave him a reassuring smile with a nuzzle to his cheek and quick unsuspecting mental message “It’s all right William.”

William shook his head as he swore once again he could hear something but either way he figured that with the dragon hungry she would need to have way more that what he brought so it only made sense for her do what she just did.

“Well…” William tried to cope with what he just witnessed. “…I’m glad you got something to eat.” He laughed nervously

Ksaqa smiled as she licked her lips cleaned of the red stains of blood gaining a disgust look from William.

“Let’s get back to hiking, shall we?” He suggested picking up the tent bag and continued on the trail after putting the water bottle back in the rucksack.

The Two continued to walk the trail as William was trying to get the image of Ksaqa killing and eating an animal. Yes it’s what nature intends for all creatures to do but it wasn’t exactly something William expected to witness in his lifetime since he never witnessed like that in real life before.

William continued to keep an eye out on the trail for anything as the sun’s rays were starting to bother him. While walking he went to rucksack and took out a bottle of sunscreen and applied some to his arms and face. Once done he put it the bottle away and continued on taking the lead down the dirt path.

While they were walking something appeared odd. There was only the trail they were walking but there appeared to be another trail to the left but it looked like it was not used in a long time since it was completely covered by the leafs of the forest and appeared no one walked through it unlike the trail they were walking that was kept completely clear and tidy.

With Curiosity taking control over him William decided to take the mystery trail for perhaps it might lead them to some type of sanctuary or in any case a nice sight to see. Since they came out all this way he could find some way to enjoy the trip by seeing anything interesting in the forest though he still wished he didn’t have to see the dragons feast though.

The Young Man and Dragon walked the path as it started to lead to a hill within the many layers of the woods. William pushed past the many trees and bushes with the Dragon easily following him as the path completely disappeared and eventually there just walking on with no direction.

“Hopefully we don’t get lost.” William pondered out loud as he pushed past another large tree but soon when he came around the tree he looked to see something very interesting. A Cabin of some sort, Old and Abandoned.

William came up to the wooden structure as it looked like it hasn’t been used in many years as the windows were broken and the door was half toppled. It seemed that whoever lived here just left it and never looked back.

“Wow!” William smirked “I think I found a place where we can stay for the day.” He proclaimed walking inside seeing some furniture all dusty and ruined as some decay layed about from the floors and walls.

Ksaqa followed William up inside but she had to squeeze through the door causing the sides to shatter a bit as the door came completely off its hinges as William smirked. “Well that’s one way to enter and abandoned cabin.” He joked.

He set down the tent and unstrapped the rucksack from the dragon setting it on the floor next to the tent bag.

“I think we have truly earned ourselves a break.” William proposed “Don’t you agree?” He looked at the dragon who nodded with grin setting herself on the floor curled up and motioned for the young man to join her.

William didn’t think twice and headed over sitting down next to her as she wrapped her claw over him and brought him to her side and snuggled with him. William laughed a bit and relaxed in her gentle hold as the two settled in their unexpected find within the forest.
A Boy's Surprise Pet Chapter 6 {Commision}
Hello everyone, Its my great honor and pleasure to introduce to you the 6th chapter of the commison for :iconmrwyatt53: I truly hope he loves it as well as you all. I really want to thank him for being my first commissioner and its such an honor to work on this for him.

I truly hope to have more people to come to me and write stories for them as well and know I will be my absoulute best into them and I will be sure to work hard on them and make sure they come out as soon as possible.
An Unexpected Meeting and Training

Spyro slowly walked on through the mushroom forest with his head hanging low. He knew he had to find out where he truly came from but walking away from the only place he ever called home was taking its toll on him. With Spyro in his sad state he was not paying attention to the many eyes that were watching from above.

        Many Apes crawled and hoped over from one place to another trying to stay out of sight as they kept quiet watching Spyro walked along. Some of the Apes could not keep control of themselves as few let short growls that made Spyro halt for a moment to look around but didn’t see anything as he kept going.  Suddenly a large howl echoed throughout the forest as Spyro gasped and ran for an open clearing escaping the apes that were secretly watching him for a moment.

         Spyro walked through the clearing as the occasional frogweed popped up and were easily dealt with as bulb spiders that emerged when Spyro got close as he blew his fire breath on them incinerating them. He jumped from a nearby path and glided to another end of the clearing to another trail as a familiar dragonfly flew in front of him.

        “Spyro, so, ah, me and the old man were chatting and this whole belonging thing, you know, came up, and we decided that best friends belong together. Even if one of them is purple with weight issues.” Sparx joked with smile on his face.

        “Weight issues, huh? At least I’ve never been turned into a lantern” Spyro murmured.

        “Sparx scoffed at Spyros remark “Oh please! Lantern shmantern.”

        “And you’re not leaving me behind!” Another familiar voice said climbing up the side of the path coming up to Spyro. It was Adir who had a determined look on his face. “Spyro, you have been there for me every since the day we met. After almost a year so many things have happened and now ever since we saved Sparx, we both have gained something we don’t understand.” Adir explained looking at his hands for a moment. “Something tells me that the answers you’re seeking may be the ones I need as well.”

       “Perhaps you’re right Adir.” Spyro agreed

       “As Sparx said, best friends belong together. Even if ones an annoying bug.” Adir mocked with an impish grin as Sparx as the dragonfly gave him an unimpressed look.

       “Then so we shall.” Spyro said walking on as Sparx and Adir followed close by.

        The Trio journeyed into more of the mushroom forest for some time. They soon came to another clearing but just as they were about to stop to take a break a whoosh of wings could be heard for second as followed an earth shattering roar that terrified them as they ran screaming.

“Breath, Sparx old boy!” Sparx yelped “Go to your happy place!”

        They ran until they entered a nearby cave. “What in the world was that?!” Spyro panted

        “I have no idea, but I’m going this way far from it.” Sparx said in a panicked voice flying into the cave.

        “I’m with him on this one.” Adir quickly said running inside with Spyro following him quickly catching up with their friend.

        As they ran they soon came upon a great red dragon that reared in its full height as the trio stopped in their tracks and gazed up in awe at the being with alarm.

       “And I thought you were a big one. Goodness.” Sparx gulped.

       “You’re…your alive?” The Red Dragon gasped “But it’s too late. Too late.” He hung his head low.

       “Too late for what? Who are you? Do you know me? Where do I come from? What are you? What are we? WHAT AM I!?!?” Spyro asked.

       The Large Dragon frowned “You mean you don’t know?”

       “Does it sound like he knows?” Sparx asked.

       “You’re a dragon.” The Large Dragon replied “When you were just an egg, it was my job to protect you…it was my job to protect all of you.”

       “There are others?” Spyro asked.

       “Others? There were.”  The Red Dragon answered wearily “There were four of us, guardians that is, and we had one job. Ensure that all the eggs were hatched. It was the year of the dragon, after all, and our very survival depended on those eggs, but the temple and grotto are gone…overrun by-“

        “Temple? What temple?” Spyro cut in “Can you take me? Can see it? Where I came from, I mean?”

        “No, no.” the large dragon sighed “Who knows what forces occupy the temple now. What state it’s in? You don’t understand. After they came for you…”

       “They! Who is they? “Spyro interrupted once more “And why did they come for me?”

       “Because the prophecies spoke of a purple dragon, a dragon born only once every ten generations…you.” The Guardian Dragon explained. “Along with a being from a long forgotten realm and descendant of a race of mighty warriors bearing the mark of the purple dragon to assist him which is the known as the Dragon Samurai.” He looked at Adir who gasped at what he just said.

       “You? And him?” Sparx cried out. “Are you telling me that Spyro is some special once in a purple thing? Adir is some decedent of warriors?” Sparx burst out laughing “Ha ha, I think you might have mixed that one up. Woo, that’s a little…bit of a stretch. I have heard some doozies in my day but that takes the cake.”

       “Spyro and Adir is it?” The Red Dragon asked “Well young ones. I assure you that I’m telling you the truth. The Dark Armies attacked intent on destroying the eggs and killing the rest of us. They nearly succeeded and then they lay siege to the other island. We were at War.”

        The Trio of friends looked at each other nervously as the guardian continued “For many years we fought all over the islands. Brutal clashed with the armies of the dark master, who was intent on preventing the prophecies from coming true. The other three Guardians and I led our small but valiant forces into battle after battle against our ruthless, mercenary foe. Then, when we were beginning to turn the tide…Cynder came.”

       Spyro looked nervous “Cynder?” He asked.

       “Yes, Cynder.” The Red Dragon scowled looking down. “Cynder was… is…monstrous, horrific, ferocious, a black dragon that fills the skies with terror, an unstoppable force of nature…”

       “Ah, yeah, you had me at ferocious.” Sparx muttered “Listen, sounds like that thing that was chasing us, guys.”

       “Yes, she still searches for me.” The Red Dragon agreed. “And years ago I watched as Cynder plucked the other guardians from the fields of battle like so many ripe grapes from a vine .Without them, our cause is lost. Only I Ignitus, managed to escape. Not that it matter. Cynder now rules all…and I sit here wondering what might have been. What else I might have done.”

       Adir closed his eyes when Ignitus was finished and deep within his mind he tried to remember everything from when he was attacked that year ago, the black creature that brutally slashed him beat him to pulp and then pushed him down the cliff as it cruelly hissed in a female voice. Suddenly it hit him like a hammer.

      “It was Cynder!” He gasped drawing the others attention. “My god…it was her.” Adir fell to his knees as Spyro quickly went by him as Ignitus looked at him with concern

      “Adir you encountered Cynder?” Ignitus asked

      “Yes.” Adir answered in a sad voice looking up at him as Spyro and Sparx were shocked at the news. “I never knew what attacked me that day, but now I know. It was her.”  From then on Adir began to explain everything to Ignitus from the kidnapping of his family to the point where he was ambushed by the mysterious being in black only now realizing who it was to where he was knocked off the cliff and carried down to the swamp where Spyro saved him.

      “Spyro…I” Adir was at a loss for words as he choked on a sob coming to full realization who was the one who took his family, ruined his life and nearly killed him. But Spyro just nuzzled him as Adir hugged him saddened by everything once more as Ignitus looked down at him with pity.

      “Wow…sounds…fun.”Sparx stated “I wanna hang out with this guy.”

      Spyro slowly let go of Adir and looked up at Ignitus as Adir stayed on his knees still melancholy.

      “Yeah, why have you given up?” Spyro asked loudly “I just find out that I’m this special dragon and Adir is a special warrior and you tell me all is lost? That I have no home or family left? I’ve come way too far to give up now. I wanna see where I come from.”

      “Hold up, savior boy, were you not listening to this guy?” Sparx cut in. “He’s talking about flying dragons, and war, and horrible…this is bad stuff, alright? I don’t know if we’re hearing the same thing. I mean look what happened to Adir.” He pointed as Adir gave him a look “Uh…no offense.”

      “None taken.” Adir stood back up

      “Yes, Spyro, it’s not as simple as that.” Ignitus agreed “it’s true, the prophecies spoke of a purple dragon and the Dragon Samurai destined to put their stamp on this age, but the prophecies didn’t foretell the devastation that surrounds us now.”

      “Maybe you’re right.” Spyro agreed “But I’m willing to try, I want to take the first step.”

       Sparx stared at him in bafflement. “You’re actually going to go along with this lunatic?” Adir looked at Spyro with the same look as Sparx.

       “Very well then.”  Ignitus nodded. “We’ll go. You deserve to see your beginning before it all ends.” He turned around and started to walk deeper into the cave. Spyro followed him as Adir sighed and followed as well with Sparx staying close with him

       “Am I the only sane one here?” Sparx called following them “He’s telling us we’re doomed alright? That’s when I go, ah; maybe we should go back to the forest with flowers and the fun stuff.”

       The Trio followed the Red Guardian dragon to a large door within the cave. Ignitus noticed that the door would not open and turned to the little ones behind him. “Cynder’s soldiers must have knocked the other two statues out of place…heathens.”

       “What other two statues?” Spyro asked.

       “On the other side of this door are two statues just like these.” Ignitus explained “When all four statues are positioned correctly, the door opens.”

       “Yeah, good.” Sparx scoffed “I was never good at geometry. So what do you want us to do?”

       “Spyro, Adir, I need you to get in there and move the statues in place.” Ignitus said

       “Us?” Adir asked.

       “How?” Spyro then asked

       “There’s a small tunnel that animals use to access the caves.” Ignitus explained. “Find it and use it.”

       “Yeah, animals, okay.” Sparx said nervously “You know what? You both do that, and I’ll wait here.”

       “Suit yourself.” Adir grinned as he and Spyro found a concealed cave and went through it. Sparx sighed as he didn’t want to left alone with Ignitus and quickly went with them.

       The Trio made their way through the tunnel till the them came upon hole that was covered in slightly thick branches.

       “Eh, when in doubt, break it right? Go nuts.” Sparx jested.

        Adir quickly jumped up and brought his feet down hard onto the branches breaking through them as he landed onto the floor of the cave below with Spyro and Sparx coming in after him.

        As light came into the cave its dwellers awoke to find prey has ventured into their dwelling. Many Bulb spiders popped up from ground and some came from the nearby walls and rushed onto Spyro and Adir. The Two when back to back then they rushed them. Spyro used his fire breath on a couple as Adir kicked and punched watching out for their swiping legs and gnashing jaws.

       Adir whistled as Spyro gaining his attention as the boy had a spider to his back and front. Adir nodded as Spyro returned it as a plan was silently made up. The Bulb Spider lunged at Adir as he rolled away and the Spider collided with the one that was just behind Adir and left open for Spyro to finish them off with a flame.

       Once the insects were taken care of the Dragon and boy looked to see two statues out of place and each of them pushed them back to where they had to be. This allowed the door to open and Ignitus walked through.

       “Any trouble?” He asked.

       “A Little Insect trouble…nothing we couldn’t handle.” Spyro replied as Adir smiled with his arms folded

      “Little insects?” Sparx sarcastically said.” My tail section.”

       Ignitus walked up to the next door and spoke what appeared to be password of sorts for the door to open but it didn’t.

       “It should open for us.” Ignitus pondered “There is a…disturbance.”  He turned to the others. “It seems my fears have been realized. They desecrated the interior as well. Guess we’ll have to open it the old-fashioned way. Make your way through the connecting rooms, restoring every statue you can find.”

       “On it! Adir went to a nearby wall to see an open pathway but it was on top of a ledge out of reach.

        Ignitus came up to him. “You want me help? Very well hop up.” He stood in front of the ledge.

       “Alright…the old guys coming to life.” Sparx teased a bit as Spyro and Adir quickly climbed up Ignitus getting on top of the ledge.

       “Careful you two. Cynder’s forces are surely on their way.” Ignitus warned.

       “Oh, goody.” Sparx sarcastically scoffed

        The Trio made their way through the cave occasionally running into more bulb spiders and even encountered small groups of apes. They fought through each of them as they came across more statues and put them back into their places after they defeated the enemies that surrounded each one. They came upon a door with an un-light torch after the last statue was set. Spyro blew flames upon it and the door twirled around with the trio meeting Ignitus back in the place they left him at.

        “That’s quite an entrance.” Ignitus complemented “There might be hope for us yet.”

        They walked through the now open door and came across purple crystals that stood from the ground.

       “What are these things?” Spyro asked

       “These are spirit gems…a gift from the ancestors.” Ignitus answered.

       “What kind of gift?” Adir asked next

       “A gift that speaks across generations.” Ignitus explained “A gift that empowers you with the spirit of the past, strengthening you with the wisdom of the ages.”

       Adir smiled for it sounded it incredible along with Spyro “I feel more powerful already.” The Purple Dragon said.

       The Group walked up to another door as sounds of apes echoed close by. “Do you hear that?” Ignitus asked with worry.

       “What is it?” Spyro asked.

       “Exactly what I feared?” Ignitus stopped in his tracks “Look, perhaps we should turn back.”

       “What? After coming this far?” Spyro yelled.

       “Yeah, what’s wrong?” Adir added.

       “If this door is closed, it means there are intruders behind.” Ignitus explained. “Its how the temple protects itself.”

       “So what are you saying, Ignitus?” Spyro asked

       “What I’m saying the only way the door with open is…” Ignitus explained.

       “Don’t say it!” Sparx interrupted

       “…is if the intruders are kicked out of there.” Spyro finished as Sparx scoffed.

       “Then its time to clean out the house then.” Adir cracked his knuckles but before they could do anything a very large group of apes came out from a nearby wall from many small apes, to a couple of larger ones to one very large one that was nearly the size of Ignitus.

       Spyro, Adir and Sparx gasped at how many there were till Ignitus jumped in front of them.

       “Stand back, you two, and let me show what a dragon trained in the ancient ways can do.” Ignitus ordered as the dragon, boy and dragonfly took cover as the Apes engaged the large dragon. Ignitus easily took care of the small apes with a single blast of a fireball. He swiped aside the medium sized apes and knocked the large ape down for a moment till it reengaged Ignitus to the amazement of the trio at how Ignitus was holding his own.

       As the Large ape regrouped his remaining troops to full force assault the guardian Ignitus took a moment and let out a roar and from his body burst out flames that scattered nearly the whole clearing and incinerated all the apes.

       The Trio checked on Ignitus since he was momentarily weak from the power blast and assured he was alright.

       “That was amazing!” Adir complemented with very impressed smile

       “You were incredible, Ignitus. Can you show me how to do that?” Spyro asked

       “Yeah, I just gotta know that awesome move.” Adir asked as well

       “Patience, young ones. Soon enough you both will learn all I have to teach.” Ignitus assured them as the door opened up for them. They walked through two more doors to be led inside a temple where a pool filled with green water glowed lightly as Spyro and Adir looked around astonished by the interior despite some decay and a few broken materials and partially destroyed walls.

       Ignitus walked into the temple and sighed in relief. “Ahh. Home sweet home.”

       The others joined him as looked within another part of the temple to see a giant dragon statue standing in the center of the room as Ignitus explained the room was called the training dojo. They walked past the statue to another door that led outside to a balcony that stood over a cliff.

       Sparx flew up and looked around. “Guys we are not in Kansas anymore.”

       Spyro and Adir looked on and their mouths dropped and their eyes went wide with horror looking on to see the mushroom forest and the ruins of many different buildings lay in waste all around it for many miles.

       “What happened here?” Spyro asked almost unable to breath from shock.

       “This is what Cynder has done.”Ignitus answered gravely. “Put all the islands under her iron rule.”

       “I wanted to see where I came from.”Spyro sadly said “But I didn’t know it was going to be like this.”

       Adir was just as sad and horrified. “This is terrible, and I thought I had it rough.”

       “Yeah, no offense.” Sparx interjected “But this place is kinda a dump.”

       Ignitus bowed his head sadly. “This was once our home, Spyro. This would have been Adir’s home as well.” Ignitus then looked up with a more determined look “Together we can make it our home once again…reclaim what’s rightfully ours.”

       Spyro was puzzled “What do you mean?” as Adir nodded for he was just as confused.

       “I mean that my time for heroics is past.”Ignitus replied “But with your help, along with Adir. We might be able to beat Cynder.”

       Spyro looked away and shook his head. “I…I can’t, Ignitus. I just learned what I am.”

      Adir looked down with shame “What can I do. I already failed my family. I’m no hero, I can’t do this.”

      “You can boys, you can.” Ignitus encouraged. “Spyro, you are a purple dragon… a very special creature.” He turned to Adir “Adir you may have lost your family but you bear the mark of the purple dragon on your hand. You are destined for greatness sometimes a journey does not start out the way we want it but it’s what you do now that defines everything. You have both given me hope again and time to give hope to all of them.”

      Spyro looked around the group “I’m not sure what help I can be, Ignitus, but I’ll try.” His face grew more serious and determined. “Ill try.”

      Adir closed his eyes and thought of his family for a moment then he remembered something his father once told him. “No matter what always look out for those who need you.”  Adir opened his eyes in realization at what he has to do now.

      “I’m in as well.” Adir looked at Ignitus seriously “I will avenge my family and help stop this monster.”

      Ignitus nodded. “Good. That’s all I can ask. Now come with me I have something for you both.” He walked back inside the temple along the others. Ignitus went up to a door within the Dojo and it opened up with a small breath of fire.

      “Adir.” Ignitus insisted the human to come with him as the boy followed the Guardian inside “Long ago when the prophecy was foretold, “Ignitus began. “ The Ancestors knew that the one who would be the warrior to assist the purple dragon would return and they in their secret arts and wisdom forged armor to be worthy of the warriors status.”Ignitus lit a torch lighting up the room and Adir gasped at what he seen hanging on the wall.

       A Set of Armor that hung in place from the boots to upper chest plate the Armor was clean and looked like it freshly forged.  Clad in a shade of a mix of red for the metal pieces of armor that resembled dragon scales under the chest plate which was clear white with a purple dragons head imprinted on it. The Undershirt had a fur hood in the back as it was full sleeve with white colored shoulder guards with a set of gloves that had an opening on the palms where Adir’s samurai mark could be seen when worn. The Lower set of the armor consisted of metal plated knee pads with full little plates of armor around the legs down to the boots with two pieces of armor on them.

       “This Armor is for me?” Adir asked as it looked magnificent and so uniquely done.

       Ignitus smiled. “The Ancestors knew you would need protection for the coming battles and they forged a weapon for you to use as well.” Ignitus pointed to another part of the wall where a sword laid upon a mantle sheathed. The Sword had a dragon head on one end and on the hilt where it was sheathed. Adir slowly picked it up and pulled sword out holding it upright. It was very light weight and the blade shined off the light of the torches within the room.  The Blade was sharp and magnificent. Adir smiled as he put the sword away and Ignitus left the room to show Spyro what he had in store for him.

       Ignitus started to talk to Spyro on what it means to be a dragon as he has a lot to learn along with Adir if they were going to have a chance against Cynder and her army. He and Adir are going to need to learn a lot more.

       Soon enough Adir emerged from the room clad in his new armor. He looked over himself and gained a feel for it as it felt relatively light and hardly constricted his movements at all. His Sword was strapped in a diagonal in the back as he ran to the others as they too admired Adir in his new set of armor.

       “Now its time to unleash the true dragon within both of you.” Ignitus decreed as the Statue within the Dojo started to descend beneath the floor. As soon as it disappeared the purple dragon and boy began their training.

       Adir practiced his swordplay against many training dummies. He swung his sword down upon each one as if he and the sword were one with each other. Pretty soon he got a true feel to it and mastered his sword skills by finishing off the remaining dummies.

       Ignitus then taught both Spyro and Adir more about combat skills. From how to use their enemies against each other, to use teamwork to take down multiple enemies, certain types of moves that would benefit them greatly in different situations. Then came down to more of the element of fire where they learned to truly master the element. They learned on to create fireballs and throw them at their enemies and how to use the element while in combat to use at any purpose and situation they will be in and to finish it off they learned how to unleash the element to its fully potential. Both Spyro and Adir finished their training by mastering the Fire Fury destroying many of the practice dummies at once as they both cheered for their success.

      “We were Amazing!” Adir cheered with his arms held high as Spyro laughed and Ignitus chuckled at their enthusiasm

      “You both may have a chance against Cynder yet.” Ignitus said with a smile.

       The Two with Sparx followed Ignitus back into the room with the glowing green pool which told them the room was the grotto. The Guardian looked into the pool where Sparx got his attention.

       “So what’s with the pool big guy?” He asked

       “If you must know…” Ignitus began “certain dragons have the ability to see visions, the thoughts, memories, and the dreams of others, and to see what’s happening in places far far away. I am one such dragon, and in this pool the visions come forth.”

       “Wow.” Adir was astonished “I guess that’s one way to get your international news. But do you actually choose what to see?” He asked

       “I’m afraid it’s not that easy, Adir. It takes time, reflection, and patience.” Ignitus explained gaining a nod from the boy. “What I do see in the pool of visions is that Volteer, one of the guardians, is being held on Dante’s Freezer.”

       “Sounds very welcoming.” Adir sarcastically said.

       “Spyro, Adir While I look for details on the others.” Ignitus started “I want you both to venture there and find out what you can.” Ignitus voice became more serious “Remember, just look around. If you encounter Cynder, run… you both are not ready to face her yet.”

       Adir nodded a shiver went down his spine remembering all too well what happened to him at the claws of Cynder.

      “Okay.” Sparx put a finger on his chin in thought. “So when people are trying to kill me I run, got I.”

      “But Ignitus, how do we get there?” Spyro asked.

      “I’m glad you asked.” Ignitus replied with a grin on face.

      “Why are smiling.” Sparx murmured “I don’t like it.”

       A short time later everyone was standing back onto the balcony outside and Ignitus revealed to Spyro something he never has done in his life.

      “Let me get this straight, you’re saying that I…can fly.” Spyro asked in disbelief as Ignitus gave him a wink.

      “I would think you can Spyro.” Adir encouraged “With those wings of yours it should have always been a fact.”

      “Maybe you and Ignitus should sit down and take a minute.” Sparx said. “Spyro can’t fly. We all know that.”

      “Yeah.” Spyro chuckled. “ A bit of fresh air might do you good. I’ve never flown in my life.”

      “Its you that will be getting some fresh air, Spyro.” Ignitus said. “Now…close your eyes, take a deep breath, and empty your mind…” Spyro did what he was asked as he closed his eyes and started to relax.

     “Yes…” Ignitus whispered “Yes, that’s it. Now feel the power of your ancestors coursing through your body. In times of crisis they will come to you and teach you… unlocking powers you never knew you had.”

     “Oi this I gotta see.” Sparx sighed as Adir put a finger to his lips silencing him.

     “Just forget everything you ever thought you knew…forget yourself “Ignitus continued in a soft tone. “  Only through forgetting will your remember what your ancient blood already knows...” Spyros wings started to flap and slowly he rose from the ground “…you can fly.”

     Spyro opened his eyes to see was off the ground and Adir stood there astonished as Sparx couldn’t believe it even though he was staring it with his own eyes.

     “That…is…awesome.” Adir complimented with a wide grin but then it disappeared when he realized something. “Ignitus how am I going to get there?” Ignitus gave him the same smile he gave Spyro before and looked at the hovering dragon and looked back at Adir. Adir took in his quiet message.

     “You’ve got to be kidding me?” He said dumbfounded as Ignitus continued to smile. With no other choice Adir hesitatingly hoped onto Spyros back and Spyro quickly took off into the sky with Adir holding onto his neck with Sparx quickly following.

      Adir tried his best not to scream as he held onto Spyro with a very tight grip as Spyro fly on with his eyes closed. Soon enough Adir took in the sights as they went above the clouds and the winds slowly whooshed through both the dragon and boy. Adir laughed amazed by the view almost forgetting he was holding on.

      “Spyro, open your eyes!” Adir laughed as Spyro slowly opened his eyes and took the sight in around him as he was worried slightly.

      “Are you kidding me?” Sparx shouted flying next to them. “Welcome to the club, big guy.”

      “Would that be the annoying pest club?” Spyro asked sarcastically.

      “No, smart alec.” Sparx retorted “The flying club.”

      “Yeah, I could get used to this.” Spyro chuckled a bit and dived down under the clouds.

      “I’m sure you could.” Adir said “But remember I’m holding onto life here.”

      The Trio flew down through the clouds and were above an ocean of some sorts as many small islands came into view but as they drew closer to the water surface a massive turtle like creature breached the water.

     “Wow!” Adir was astonished. “That things huge!” The Creature eventually dove back under the waves as the trio flew past some of the small islands but Adir looked up to see something flying at them.

     “INCOMING!” He yelled as Spyro quickly dodged the incoming projectile and they looked on to see many apes manning stationary turrets and were starting to fire at them.

     “Well as I said once…” Adir started releasing part of his grip on Spyro and charged up a fireball in his hand. “…not very welcoming.”

     “Lets give them our own sense of welcoming!” Adir yelled as he shot the fireball from his hand directly hitting cannon making it exploded into pieces.

     “Let’s do it!” Spyro agreed and flew fast as Spyro dodged many of the projectiles that were shot at them as Adir fired on the cannons destroying many as they flew past a chain of islands and eventually the scenery changed from tropical islands to frozen glaciers.

     Soon enough they came upon a very large wintery wilderness and a wall that was covered in snow with many frozen skeleton soldiers and catapults, and an opening was present on the wall. Adir could make out what appeared to be some kind of fortress in the back as he remembered what Ignitus told them about what they were heading into before they left “"Dante's Freezer is a desolate arctic expanse that's littered with the machinery of war...soldiers and weapons frozen forever in the posture of destruction. You must find Volteer before he is lost forever."

     Spyro flew down into the opening but he wobbled “How the heck do I land?” He panicked “Coming in too fast!”

     “Oh no.” Adir gasped as Spyro landed hard onto the ice ground and Adir flew off of him landing in a large pile of snow as Spyro slide along till he came to stop.

     “Nice landing, ace.” Sparx laughed.

     “Yeah.” Spyro stood up but almost lost his footing as Adir stood up and smiled as he shook off the snow.

     “You my friend are a natural!” He complimented giving Spyro a pat on his back.

     “Really?” Spyro asked puzzled “Even though we crashed?

     “Hey first time’s the charm pal. A little more practice and you will be an aviation master in no time.” Adir chimed giving him one more pat on the back. “Now let’s go search for the dragon Volteer.”
TLOS and The Dragon Samurai New Beginning Chapt 5
Hello everyone, Allow me to give you the 5th chapter to the story. I hope you all enjoy it and im dedicating it to my best friend :iconsyfynut: Im so glad to have her in my life and can't thank her enough for everything she has done for me.

Thank you all so much for your love, loyalty and support of me. I couldn't do any of this without you and you all have my eternal gratitude. Hope you all enjoy it.
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Rai the Yellow Dragon Samurai by jazz316
Rai the Yellow Dragon Samurai
Hello Everyone! Allow me to introduce you to 'Rai the Yellow Dragon Samurai

This was made for me by my good friend :iconwadevezecha: for making this for me and I am honored to have him make this and many other glorious pieces that he has made for me and my other friend in the past and in the future as well.

Rai is the youngest of the family. He is the little brother to Adir and Molly.

Though Rai may be small and very young, he is a prodigy. His mind is the sharpest of them all. He is well known tech wiz as well as handy with tools of any sort. He enjoys creating anything with what he is and his techsavy ways have also made him a great scout at looking for the smallest details and anything out of the ordinary. 

Height- 3' 11"

Age- 10

His Element ability is Electricity.
Sid the Green Dragon Samurai by jazz316
Sid the Green Dragon Samurai
Hello Everyone! Allow to introduce to you Sid the Green Dragon Samurai

This was made for me by my good friend :iconwadevezecha: for making this for me and I am honored to have him make this and many other glorious pieces that he has made for me and my other friend in the past and in the future as well.

Sid is the Cousin to Adir.

He is a former Football player turned construction worker but now he is a battle ready Dragon Samurai. He is giant to many but he is more giant in his heart. Sweet when he is friendly and deadly in a fight.

Height- 6' 4"

Age-28 years old

His Element Ability is Earth.


United States

DRAGON PRIDE METER:███████████████ 100.0 % If your proud to be a Dragon lover, stick this on your page!

Current Residence: United States
Favourite style of art: Digital Art, Comics
Favourite cartoon character: Eddy
Hello everyone, im making a new story as you all are well aware. The Story would be "TLOS and The Dragon Samurai New Begginining"

This Story I have had in my mind for many years now. I have been adding onto it every now and again and finally its time for me to start writing it.

I was and have been inspired to do it be many great writers, artists and comic writers here is some that have been the biggest inspiration of them all.

:iconshalonesk: was the first one I came across so i want to thank her for the inspiration

:iconseeraphine: i came across next and i followed her story since her first page and its one story that's incredible with its characters that gave me inspiration to make my own. So a big thank you to her.

:icondragoncid: i followed her characters since I first found her and fell in love with the Sequel story she made to the series which gave me ideas on how to make a series beyond So thank you so very much

:iconweirdhyenas: I love her unique stories that revolve around the past, inbetween, the future of everything. Thank you so much for inspiring me to it.

:iconfourth-star: She is the reason i came to this site all those years ago. Her characters and stories were something to behold and was the first to get me thinking to making my story. Thank you so much

:iconfyre-feathers: I love his comic on a different intake of the series and its amazing and its one that inspired me to make my own intake on it.

They are all very great artists and storywriters and i want to say thank you so much to each and everyone of them

But if there is someone i truly want to thank the most, for being there for me, being the best friend i have longed for in so many years, for helping me achieve and drive on to be the best and for working with me on so many great stories and projects. Its this girl :iconsyfynut: I truly am blessed to have her in my life and i don't know where i would be without her so im dedicating this story to her and all i can say is "Thank you for being the best friend a man could ever ask for"

Well the thing is here, is I really to have some art to represent my OC's that will appear in it and add the flare my story needs so if anyone would like to help me out by making art for it I would be most honored.
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